Organic Elegance

Lacuna Large.

Lacuna large pendants: perfect stand-alone statement pieces.

With a 15” width, our Lacuna Large pendant is sized to stand out without overpowering a space. Crafted with an artisan process, each handmade piece is totally unique, adding individuality to an interior while still maintaining a chic simplicity. 

The Lacuna Collection embraces the imperfect as perfect. As humans and makers, we honor that “imperfections” make us unique. That's why there's no two identical Lacuna pieces.

A new take on a classic motif.

While the shape is simple and universal, it’s also reimagined and differentiated. It’s a perfect way to incorporate classic forms while still adding something unexpected. As an alternate to classics like the paper Akari lamps, Lacuna pieces are sturdy, striking and easy to pair with almost anything.

The Lacuna glow.

Each Lacuna piece is finished in a translucent white opaline glass, providing a diffused light that illuminates environments with a soft atmospheric glow. The unique form of each piece subtly refracts light, emphasizing the organic shape of each form. 

The Lacuna process.

While glass is intrinsically the same, it’s the human touch that is the variable. Each piece undergoes several processes to achieve their unique qualities. At the start, multiple layers of clear, sustainable glass are added to a core of opal white glass. The pieces are then shaped using a variety of hand tools, gravity and air pressure.