Lacuna is a collection that honors the maker’s hand. With an organic form highlighting the human made quality of each piece, Lacuna’s overall feeling was inspired by the observation of freely floating clouds, each its own unique form, but existing in harmony.

The midas touch.

What distinguishes each piece is the human touch. The maker of the glass brings a unique character to each light, changing the form and shape just the right amount and embracing "imperfections."

3 sizes. Endless possibilities.

Offered in three sizes, the Lacuna collection offers endless possibilities for mixing, matching and playing with scale. Pieces are designed to work individually or designed into a number of configurations.

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The process.

Each piece undergoes several processes to achieve their unique qualities. At the start, multiple layers of clear, sustainable glass are added to a core of opal white glass. The pieces are then shaped using a variety of hand tools, gravity and air pressure. To transform the once symmetrical sphere into a soft, organic form, each Lacuna piece is treated by hand with cork. Little of the hardware is exposed, though it is designed to make installation easy.

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The soft glow.

Our opaline glass finish creates an atmospheric glow that illuminates without overpowering your space.

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Lacuna Canopies

Our stunning canopies transform ceiling to sky. Offered in 20 light, 7 light, and 3 light configurations, or contact us to create your own constellation of lights via our custom options.