Finishing what we started: Our artisan metal and wood workers.

Vertically integrated. Expertly crafted.


Behind the curtain with our master metal and wood workers.

Every part of handcrafting our lights is carefully considered at our vertically integrated headquarters. While glass might get the spotlight, it shouldn't outshine the finishes—the mostly metal and wood fixtures that hold our products together and add special unique details. We have our own in-house artisan metal and wood experts, though many companies outsource and import this aspect of creation. Our makers use the finest raw materials and tailor everything by hand. This means that our finishes are more unique and better built, but the benefits don't stop there.

What is vertical integration?

Vertical integration is a practice of bringing more operations in-house. For us, this means that we don't just blow glass. We also have expert metal and wood workers, so everything is made with cohesion right along side us.

Why is vertical integration important?

Vertical integration makes sense both for quality of our objects and the people who make them. It's true, by controlling more every aspect of production, we do improve the quality. But it creates US jobs, where working conditions are often better than overseas factories.