Shine a light on

Dining Room Lighting Inspiration.

Setting the table sets the stage, but lighting sets the mood.

Making magic moments with Lacuna Multi Pendant Canopies.

The dining space is arguably the most sacred of all spaces.

It is a place of ritual, slowing down, focusing on those around us, and one where magical moments can manifest themselves. It’s where we indulge in late nights, endless champagne, laughter, and where we can settle in and feel truly relaxed. 

Custom canopy with Lacuna pendants fills the vertical space in a modern dining room.

All that heaven allows with Halo Collection multi pendant canopies.

Glass meets metal with the Neena Collection multi pendant canopies.

Foliole pendants on a custom canopy draw attention to the finer architectural details of the space.

Parallel collection pendants punctuate a space filled with warm wood and neutral tones.

“As makers, it’s rewarding to see our work illuminating people’s everyday moments.”

Jackson Schwartz