Meet your makers

Meet Dave

Second generation maker, saxophone player, stability seeker.


Dave was eight years old when he started blowing glass in his dad’s studio. His family’s bread and butter was selling their glass pieces at art fairs and from their studio. Perhaps it was a rebellious phase, but Dave first started college as a music major, whailing on the saxophone. It wasn’t long before he gave up blowing horns for blowing glass. Everything changed when he met glassblowers Joe and Kevin. Finding comfort in working with the two fun loving glassblowers, Dave felt more at ease as part of a team. Dave had been wary for a long time of the inconsistency and instability that often comes with being a solo artist. As it turns out, there was stability in numbers—and success too.

"We sort of laugh at the dumbass way we used to do things."



Dave has been with Hennepin Made for seven years now, still working alongside Joe and Kevin. It’s no longer about stability and surviving. Now it’s about thriving. The company’s growing, his craft is flourishing and the team is gelling. Thinking of the old days gives him a chuckle. He’s come a long way since struggling to find a job fresh out of school. In Hennepin Made, he’s found not only a steady job but also a place to grow and collaborate with other first rate craftspeople. Looking to the future, Dave is excited to mentor new additions to the crew as the company expands.

"There will always be a market for hand craft items. I'm sure you can make it faster and cheaper in a factory but it will feel sterile."