Meet your makers

Meet Kevin

O.G. hot shop veteran, big talent from a small town.


Kevin’s been in the hotshop for longer than anyone else—12 years to be exact. But his sights have been set on glass for much longer. Glass kept pulling Kevin in. From seeing Muran glass blowing on a family trip to Italy to seeing his brother blow glass in college, it was always catching his eye.

"The predictability and the immediacy of glass is what attracted me to it."


Kevin has always loved how glass requires complete focus, energy and attention while you work with it. He believes that handmade objects have the power to tie people to a time and place. Objects made in Minneapolis are no exception. Each piece is imbued with the aesthetic, pride and work ethic of Minnesotans. To Kevin, handmade objects also strengthen our bonds. This is evident in traditions like passing a craft or trade from generation to generation—the making connects us. When we solely rely on mass production, we lose connection, tradition and ultimately a part of our humanity.

Kevin Landsverk


Kevin has always banded together with small motley crews. Growing up in a small town, his crew liked to build forts in the woods. Now in a bigger city, his crew throws glass in the hotroom. He’s been a trusted collaborator for Hennepin Made since their humble beginnings in the art fair days. His talent and dedication have been an integral part of the company’s continuing success. Yet again for Kevin, making objects means making connections.

"We take a lot of pride in what we’re making. Minneapolis has a lot of pride, the people that live here, and it really translates into what we do in our shop. Taking those extra steps to make sure that what you’re making is exactly what it’s supposed to be, so that you can be proud of the object that’s leaving the building."