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Heirloom quality

Founders Joe & Jackson talk design approach in relation to sustainability

Beauty is sustainable

Founders Joe Limpert and Jackson Schwartz started their careers as glass blowers with the goal of building a community of like-minded makers and artists. Their focus is on creating beautiful, high quality, handmade lighting using handblown glass, locally sourced hardwoods, and hand-finished metal. Their work is inspired by nature and made in respect of nature, and they have a drive to create lasting objects with sustainability as their guide.

“Our crew is made up of people who want to show up every day to create objects they are proud of. This pride comes from the drive to make things that are beautiful and will last forever. ’Forever’ may be ideal, but we are striving for that ideal.”

Jackson Schwartz

We approach design with an eye towards the future, bridging artistry and engineering skill.

Throughout the design process, we ask ourselves: What is the integrity and environmental impact of the materials we’re considering? Will the design stand the test of time? Are we confident in every aspect of the design and the objects quality? Are we proud of what we created?

A product designed to last forever transcends the realm of consumption to become a statement against the disposable culture that pervades modern society. 

It urges us to cherish and preserve rather than discard and replace. Call it "planned permanence." The aim is to keep a product in the consumer's hands for a lifetime.

Founded by artists, sustainably designed, and made in Minneapolis.