A meeting of midwestern minds, Ontologia’s design philosophy is rooted in simplicity and shaped by dreamy exploration.

Examining light and form, the collaboration is the premiere collection for Victoria Sass (founder and design director of Prospect Refuge Studio). Ontologia plays upon the dramatic seasonal shifts of the midwest’s climate and muses on how objects can be rethought and evolved.

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midwest minds meet

Hennepin Made paired well with Prospect Refuge Studio, in both reverence for the handmade object and the humanity these objects can hold.

Beyond the congruence in design philosophy, Sass also was keen to work with Hennepin Made for their ability to fabricate each piece in-house, from metal and woodwork to electrical configurations. We were drawn to Prospect Refuge Studio for their connection to the midwest, with regionality being essential to the collection.

On Being

In Philosophy, Ontologia is the study of existence and the collection is a play on what it means to exist. In the uniqueness of each piece, personality is shaped by their individual responses to light and each “personality” expresses a unique character. The collection invites us to ponder how we live with things and how things live with us.

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