Simple elegant lines, seamless material transitions, and delicately nesting parts make up this well balanced collection

This collection starts with accentuation of a natural molten glass teardrop which is shaped into a long cylindrical form. The rounded bottom creates a soft landing point as the eye travels down the accentuated length of the form.

Its primary color application is an elegant opal white fade creating a delicate two tone effect, further diffusing the light.


Endless ways to reimagine Helena

The Helena collection is also available for making totally unique custom canopies. You dream it. We build it. Our goal is to create a work of art that brings distinction and wonder to your interior.

Merging creative freedom with structural support, we create completely custom installations of all shapes, sizes and styles. It makes the difference between a simple interior and an unforgettable experience.


Helena in Greek means “Shining Light.”

Helena is also the name of a town in Montana where gold was discovered in Last Chance Gulch on July 14,1864. The area takes its name from the miners that discovered the gold. Helena was their “Last Chance” to discover gold before heading home.

Some accounts insist that Helena was named after a miner’s Minnesota sweetheart. Another says it was originally “St. Helena,” after the island where Napoleon was exiled.

Helena National Forest was also where Lewis and Clark passed through on their epic journey.


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