Lacuna Globe Pendant - Medium

SKU: LAC-PC03-GL07-PM-C04-L96

Metal Finish:
Glass Finish:
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Made to order. Lead time 10 weeks.

Lacuna medium is big enough to make a statement, but small enough to fit tighter spaces. Roughly the size of a classroom globe, it's the best of both worlds. On it's own or paired with other sizes, this pendant offers endless possibilities for mixing, matching and playing with scale. Just like forms in nature, every single Lacuna piece is its own distinct form—no two are alike—though the overall combination creates an atmosphere of harmony. 

Makers Notes: Each piece undergoes several processes to achieve their unique qualities. At the start, multiple layers of clear, sustainable glass are added to a core of opal white glass. The pieces are then shaped using a variety of hand tools, gravity and air pressure. To transform the once symmetrical sphere into a soft, organic form, each Lacuna piece is treated by hand with cork. Little of the hardware is exposed, though it is designed to make installation easy. Custom droprod sizes and cord lengths available.

Added Bonus: Each unique Lacuna pendant is fully compatible with our 5 classic canopy kits. Plus we have dreamed up a 3 light, 7 light, and a new 20 light canopy arrangements to help inspire ideas.


10" W x 9" H 


5W LED E26 base

350 LM



120V, dimmer compatible


5" round canopy


8' (custom available)


Made to order, 72" maximum (custom available)


5 lbs 

Sky to table.

The making of Lacuna

Lacuna just might be our most human collection yet. We developed a process to accentuate Lacuna's organic, handmade qualities, resulting in a totally unique form for each and every pendant.

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Living Large.

Sometimes size does matter.

Go big and bold with the Lacuna Large. At 15" W x 13.5" H, it's about the size of a pattern lantern, big enough to make a statement on its own in any space.
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No-so-odd numbers.

It all hangs in the balance.

Complete with all three Lacuna sizes, a canopy of three brings brightness and balance to your space. And the best part—we can customize cord lengths, size arrangements and more so you can make your own, totally unique installation.
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Hang with us.

Transform ceiling to sky.

We've also made custom canopies that provide a structure to the installation while still allowing for your design preferences and creative control. Available in a 7 light canopy.
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Twenty-twenty vision.

Your own constellation.

Inspired by Lacuna's feeling of infinite skies, we've created our first ever 20 light canopy. An imaginative way to pull together large spaces, our 20-light canopies bring the skies down to earth.
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Ways to Canopy - Lacuna