Designer Spotlight: construction2style.

A one-stop powerhouse for everything from general contracting, remodeling and construction of one-of-a-kind homes.

All in the Family

Hailing from Minnesota yet operating nationwide, the firm offers interior design services, furniture sourcing, interior styling and even creative development and social media strategy. 

Founded by wife and husband team Jamie and Morgan Molitor, construction2style has been mentioned by the likes of the Huffington Post, Design & DIY Magazine and MSP Magazine, to name a few.

Working on projects large and small, the firm imagines, designs and plans projects of all shapes and sizes, though everything is unified through their ability to dream big and embrace unconventional ideas, authentic to the needs of each project. construction2style goes beyond traditional design and stays ahead of the curve on everything from decorative accessories to the latest electronics.

Recognizing the importance of lighting in a space, the firm looked to Hennepin Made on a recent residential project, featuring our coveted Celeste Pendant (still loved, but no longer in production) for soft bedroom light as well as our 8-Light Foliole Chandelier as a focal point for an A-Frame-esque living room and Bruma Sconces to illuminate the kitchen.

We love their approach, always adding a human, handmade touch, and tapping into stories and dreams behind each project. Their unique spaces inspire and bring joy to the everyday. For everything from recipes to tutorials, connect with them at

Photos: Chelsie Lopez Productions