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Brightening Brooklyn

Making Wyatt Cenac’s dream Brooklyn Brownstone a reality with the Brownstone Boys (and a little help from Hennepin Made). 

So a guy walks into a bar...

...that guy is actor, comedian, producer and music aficionado Wyatt Cenac. This is where he met Barry Bordelon and Jordan Slocum, collectively known as the Brownstone Boys. You may be familiar with their work, which has been celebrated by the likes of HGTV, NY Times, Architectural Digest and New York Magazine, to name a few. 

At the time of meeting, Cenac had a brownstone, architectural plans and big ideas, and to bring it all together, he entrusted Bordelon and Slocum. Cenac selected the duo in part because they had been through the renovation process themselves, and also because they were neighbors with relationships in the community and understood the pride in preserving these spaces. 

“I think [Wyatt] was looking for someone that could work with him in [a close] way, because he had a lot of ideas in his head that he needed to figure out a way to make a reality. So, I think that it worked really well because it was definitely a collaborative process.”

- Barry Bordelon

The interior was brought to life with a mixture of bold colors, pattern play, custom carpentry and of course, statement lighting pieces. For bold unique pieces, the trio co-conspired with Hennepin Made, illuminating the space with our Parallel Carina pendant. In this instance, we brightened the newly imagined kitchen space, complimenting the interior’s signature mix of texture, pattern and color pops.

All of the painstaking detail and stunning execution has made the Cenac’s home a space like no other and a wonder to behold. It’s a space where our designs can feel right at home.

For more information and a deeper dive, checkout the Brownstone on Architectural Digest's Clever

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Photography: @nickglimenakis